Monday, March 22, 2010


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We are transitioning from this blog to the new website, so be sure to check out the new site for all the latest eco-sense news and activities. Thanks for your interest!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sierra Student Coalition seeks great interns to make global warming a

We're seeking talented, energetic interns to work alongside our experienced national staff team on one of 5 priority projects:
-Event-Planning and recruiting to Summer Trainings, National Leadership Gathering, Green Jobs Conference and especially PowerShift2009
-Web design, development and maintenance
-Creating an alumni program
-Coordinating the creation of a Professor Network

Key Skills we're looking for:
-Strong communication, writing, event-planning and/or research skills
- An organizer at heart. You should work well with others and be eager to empower and engage others in the democratic process.
- Passion for building grassroots power and a willingness to work your heart out to save the world.
- Leadership experience. You start projects, rally people, inspire others.
- Strong self-starter and quick learner. You don't need someone to tell you what to do, but you take advice when it's given to you.
- Hard worker, can do flexible hours and manage your time independently. You know that changing the country doesn't always happen between 9 and 5.
- In it to win it! The stakes are getting higher every day for this issue, and you should be ready to do everything you can to make sure global warming and energy is a top issue this spring.

Don't apply if you are just looking to make coffee and photocopies. We give our interns substantive projects and significant responsibilities. When you leave us, you are going to have new skills on your resume and impressive accomplishments to talk about in job interviews—plus a whole new network of friends and peers in the environment and social change non-profit world!

How to Apply
Please send a resume and cover letter to the DC internship contact at the SSC (address below). Please indicate your specific interest or experience, if any, in relevant environmental issues and your availability dates. Upon receipt of all the information by this office, your application will then be considered. Applications for Winter/Spring semester will be accepted on a priority deadline of January 16, 2009 and on a rolling basis thereafter. Except in rare circumstances, DC internships are unpaid.

Sierra Student Coalition
Attn: intern coordinator
1133 15th St. NW
Washington, DC 20005
phone: 202-548-4593
For information about Sierra Student Coalition internships in
Washington, D.C., please email

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Green Corps applications (for college graduates)!

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Green Corps 2009-2010 Field School for Environmental Organizing. Early Application Deadline: Friday, October 10, 2008.

Green Corps is looking for college graduates who are ready to take on the biggest environmental challenges of our day.

In Green Corps’ year-long paid program, you’ll get intensive training in the skills you’ll need to make a difference in the world. You’ll get hands-on experience fighting to solve urgent environmental problems — global warming, deforestation, water pollution and many others — with groups such as Sierra Club and Greenpeace. And, when you graduate from Green Corps, we’ll help you find a career with one of the nation’s leading environmental and social change groups.

In the next few months, we‘ll invite 35 college graduates to join Green Corps in 2009-2010. We’re looking for people who are serious about saving the planet, people who have taken initiative on their campus or community, and people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and work for change over the long haul. Green Corps’ year-long program begins in August 2009 with Introductory Classroom Training in Boston, and continues with field placements in multiple locations across the U.S. Candidates must be willing to relocate.

For more information, visit or contact Ben Walsh, Recruitment Director, at

Friday, September 26, 2008

EDF Film Contest

The Environmental Defense Action Fund (EDAF) is sponsoring a film contest about how a carbon cap will solve America's oil addiction in a clear, brief, convincing and memorable way. I know you're all probably crazy busy with a million projects, but i thought it might be something you'd want to know about (and did I mention the $10,000 prize?) The details are listed below. Hope you find this useful!


EDAF launched a video/graphic competition, with a $10,000 prize!!!

We are asking people to help us convey how a carbon cap will solve America's oil addiction in a clear, brief, convincing and memorable way.

We are hoping that you can spread this to your friends, networks, blogs, etc...

Below, please find an email to send around in addition to the press release, should you want to use that instead... To view the competition page, please go to:

Thanks so much, and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!


Emily Diamond-Falk
Environmental Defense Fund
1875 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Suite 600
Washington, DC 20009-5739
Phone: 202-572-3365
Fax: (202)234-6049
Cell: 202-841-8605

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Deadline approaching! Grants for green projects on campus

Have a great idea for a project to make AU sustainable? Want to take things into your own hands? Want to add something great to your resume while you do it?

National Wildlife Federation’s Campus Ecology program awards fellowship grants to undergraduate and graduate students who are committed to reducing their campus carbon footprint. Projects that will be considered will include: greenhouse gas inventories, climate action plans, energy conservation and efficiency, habitat restoration, convening climate action gatherings, and more.

Grant awards:
Up to $2000 for Undergraduate Students
Up to $5000 for Graduate Students

Fall deadlines:
October 1, 2008
November 14, 2008

Visit for details about the Campus Ecology Fellowship program and contact Eco-Sense or Althea at with ideas.

World Watch Magazine - Population Forum

To launch their fall issue on population issues, World Watch magazine is putting on a great environmental justice program about population that you can attend or watch online on Tuesday, September 30, from 3-5:00. You can also submit questions to the panel. Visit [] to get details, find out how to watch online, or RSVP to attend.

"Until recently, demographic issues such as population growth, age structures, and youth bulges did not generate much interest among environmental audiences. World Watch magazine’s September/October 2008 issue, Population Forum, is one sign that this is changing. Contributions highlight how population issues affect environmental degradation and climate change, as well as poverty, security, and the well-being of women and children." -WWM

Monday, September 15, 2008

Eco-Sense Goes to the Movies! - FLOW

Join Eco-Sense for the opening of FLOW, Irena Salina's critically acclaimed, award winning documentary about the world water crisis. Learn about politics, privatization, pollution, and how you can get involved in the preservation of this human right!

You can meet us on Friday at the E Street Cinema for a 7:40 PM show or travel with Eco-Sense and get discounted tickets. We'll be meeting at 6:20 at the south side shuttle stop.

Social activism art show

Katzen Art Center is currently showcasing a free exhibit called Close Encounters: Facing the Future. It features some great artwork highlighting social issues, including climate change! Click the title of this post for more information. The show runs through October 26.

DCYEA Semester Kick Off!

The DC Youth Environmental Alliance will be kicking off its second year of activism at AU this weekend! Join us Saturday (9/20) in MGC 247 from 2:00 to 5:00 (or whenever you can be there) to network with students and young people from across DC, discuss DCYEA’s new political initiative, community service opportunities, Power Vote, the DC Green Festival, and more. Plus, show your support for the host group, Eco-Sense!

Climate Change and Corporate Responsibility!

This Wednesday, September 17, at 7 PM in the SIS Lounge, HP and the World Wildlife Fund will give a short presentation and lead a discussion about climate change, sustainability, and corporate responsibility as part of their nation-wide Climate Change Roadshow. This event should be fascinating for everyone interested in global warming and the environmental impact of development (and who isn't?), so bring your friends and come on out!

Eco-Certifier Workshop

Welcome back to Eco-Sense, everyone!

Eco-Sense provides AU staff with trainings in sustainable purchasing and office behavior as part of their Office Eco-Certification Program. In place of a general meeting this week, Eco-Sense will host a workshop for students interested in helping train campus staff to operate a green office.

Join us Thursday, September 18 at 8:30 PM in MGC 247 for a mock training that will prepare you to join Eco-Sense in meeting the huge demand for trainings in offices across campus this semester. Whether you want to give trainings with Eco-Sense in the future, or just to learn about how to reduce your carbon footprint in an office or your dorm room, this training is perfect for all levels of involvement!

Monday, April 14, 2008


The Greening of Cuba. 1996. 38 min. Following the disintegration of the Soviet Union, financial and food aid to Cuba dried up which necessitated a dramatic reduction in the average citizen’s daily caloric intake. This video profiles farmers and scientists working to reinvent a sustainable agriculture, based on ecological principles and local knowledge rather than imported agricultural inputs. In their quest for self-sufficiency, Cubans combine time-tested traditional methods with cutting-edge biotechnology.

Green on the Screen videos will be shown every Thursday @ 12:30pm throughout the Spring Semester in the Media Services Classroom on the lower level of the AU Library. The screenings are open to all and attendees are welcome to bring lunch.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Mon 8-9:30pm "How to Live Sustainably in College" in the GARC (Letts Hall)
Tues. 8am-11am Campus Beautification Registration on the quad
7-8pm Corporate Responsibility Panel in Ward 1
Wed. 5:30-9:30 Environmental Films in the Weschler Theatre
8pm "Purchasing Campaign Successes" and update from Bill Mayer (the head librarian) and Chris Lewis (member of the Library Green Team) in the Weschler Theatre
Thurs. afternoon Quad events, ie rock wall climbing! (weather permitting)
7-8pm EJ Panel on Mountaintop Removal in the Battelle Atrium
9-11pm Open Mics Open Minds in the Battelle Atrium

Sat. 9:30 am Pontoon Ride and Picnic

Monday, March 31, 2008


Proclaiming April 1st "Fossil Fools Day," climate change activists are planning creative actions around the world to oppose to dirty energy and show support for climate justice, strong legislation and corporate responsibility.

Here in DC, Congressman Markey has subpoenaed the CEOs of the 5 biggest oil companies to answer to Americans in a congressional hearing on why gas prices continue to rise when the corporations are turning record breaking profits. Join us in telling the oil companies that we won't be fooled! They are deceivers, a green economy will be better for all Americans.

When: TOMORRROW, 10:00 am. (Folks interest in strategic positioning at the hearing should plan to be in line outside Cannon 210 at 9:30 am)

Where: Sidewalk outside Longworth on Independence Ave between 1st st SE and New Jersey Ave SE

What: There are many ways to get involved. Come to what you can.

9:30- Get in line outside Cannon 210 if you want to get a seat for the 12:00 hearing

10:00 am and until after the hearing, probably about 3:00- Meet us at Longworth and then we will walk to Cannon. You can be part of two groups:

1) hold signs outside and pass out flyers, wear a campus climate challenge, powershift, or other related shirt if you have one.

2) Be a part of our "Billionaires for Big Oil" parody. We will be flyering people outside as well as those waiting in the halls for the hearing. We will wear tuxedos, suits, and ball gowns and act like we are Billionaires who think that Big Oil simply doesn't get enough money. Please give them some more subsidies! Some of them only have 1 yacht and they can barely afford their kid's Ivy League tuition! Contact me if you want to do this part and have questions.

Playing with Poison!

2001. 46 min. Elizabeth Guillette has studied the differences in the children of the Yaqui Valley of Mexico since 1993. The children of the valley towns are far behind those in the foothills in physical coordination, energy, and learning capabilities. The difference she observed was that pesticides have been used in the valley since the 1950s whereas in the foothills, where there is little agricultural industry, there is practically no pesticide use. The program follows Guillette as she meets with scientists for corroboration and possible solutions.

Green on the Screen videos will be shown every Thursday @ 12:30pm throughout the Spring Semester in the Media Services Classroom on the lower level of the AU Library. The screenings are open to all and attendees are welcome to bring lunch.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Global Warming: The signs and the science. 2005. 60 min. This documentary profiles people who are living with the grave consequences of a changing climate, as well as the individuals, communities and scientists inventing new approaches to safeguard our children’s future. Filmed across the U.S., Asia and South America, this program brings the reality of climate change to life and offers viewers a variety of ways to make a difference in their own communities.

Green on the Screen videos will be shown every Thursday @ 12:30pm throughout the Spring Semester in the Media Services Classroom on the lower level of the AU Library. The screenings are open to all and attendees are welcome to bring lunch

Monday, March 17, 2008

11th Hour on Friday!

Find out more information for this FREE SCREENING of 11th Hour on Friday March 21st
Find out more info here:

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Green on the Screen!

Thirst. 2004. 62 min. The survival of communities is threatened when big business buys the water supply. Communities suddenly lose control of their most precious resource. ’Thirst,’ a character-driven documentary with no narration, reveals how water is the catalyst for explosive community resistance to globalization. A piercing look at the conflict between public stewardship and private profit.

Green on the Screen videos will be shown every Thursday @ 12:30pm throughout the Spring Semester in the Media Services Classroom on the lower level of the AU Library. The screenings are open to all and attendees are welcome to bring lunch.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The power of water. 1993. 54 min. Presentation of man’s relationship to fresh water and an examination of the controversy over whose needs determine water use in the United States with examples of wetland, river, and non-renewable water-supplies given to show how water becomes power.

Thursday 12:30pm in the Media Services Classroom (lower level of Bender Library)...bring your lunch!

Lobby to Stop Mountain Top Removal

Can you save a date to help save our mountains from mountaintop removal coal mining?

April 5th- April 9th, 2008 is our 3rd Annual Mountaintop Removal Week in Washington ( -- the chance for people like you from all across the country to meet your representatives and ask them to stop the destructive practice of mountaintop removal coal mining.

Last year's week in Washington was a tremendous success -- not to mention a lot of fun. More than 100 people from 19 states came to Washington, holding more than 100 meetings with Congressional offices and 20 face-to-face meetings with Members of Congress.

The result? People like you helped us gain 16 new co-sponsors for the Clean Water Protection Act (CWPA, --which would sharply curtail mountaintop removal coal mining -- in just three days in Washington.

And because the Week in Washington helped build Congressional momentum foraction on mountaintop removal coal mining, the CWPA now has a historic 126co-sponsors (

This year's week in Washington is more important than ever. With the coal industry set to spend more than $35 million this year( greenwash the public and Congress, your representatives need to hear from you that the time for action on mountaintop removal coal mining is now.

To learn more about this year's Week in Washington, or to indicate if you're interested in attending, click here:

attend a GREEN JOBS conference!

On March 13-14, a conference unlike any other will take place in Pittsburgh, PA. The event will launch a nationwide dialogue about moving our country rapidly toward leadership in promoting the benefits of a new green economy. Good Jobs, Green Jobs: A National Green Jobs Conference will bring together advocates representing local, state and federal policy makers; labor; business; the environment and public health; economic and workforce development specialists; investors; scientists and technology experts and YOUTH!

Highlighted speakers include:
Edward G. Rendell, Governor of Pennsylvania
Margie Alt, Environment America
Phil Angelides, Apollo Alliance
Joy Clarke-Holmes, Johnson Controls
Leo Gerard, United Steelworkers
Gerry Hudson, Service Employees International Union
Van Jones, Green for All
Katrina Landis, BP Alternative Energy
Ed Mazria, Architecture 2030
John Podesta, Center for American Progress
Carl Pope, Sierra Club
Lois Quam, Piper Jaffray
Lou Schorsch, Arcelor-Mittal
Rich Trumka, AFL-CIO
Dr. Beverly Wright, Deep South Center for Environmental Justice

The Sierra Student Coalition will be organizing youth social events in the evening as well as a youth "meet-up" during the conference.

The Sierra Student Coalition has scholarships available for this conference. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please fill out the attached form and email it to Scholarships are need-based and will be given on a rolling basis.

If you will need housing in Pittsburgh for the conference, please indicate that on your scholarship application or let me or Maura know. The SSC is trying to secure free housing for everyone who needs it, but we need a head count by next week.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Goodwood. 1998. 45 min. Examines whether we can halt deforestation while still sustaining communities that depend on the forest for their livelihood. Film looks at four forestry-based places where communities are discovering - sometimes with help from surprising places - that it can be done.

Green on the Screen videos will be shown every Thursday @ 12:30pm throughout the Spring Semester in the Media Services Classroom on the lower level of the AU Library.